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Equity from strategic investors

For strategic investors in clean energy or cleantech, the investment offers more than just the financial return. They may further benefit from synergies, extending their existing product range in the same markets.

Here are a few examples.

Oil & Gas Companies
Total In 2011, Total offered $1.37bn for a majority stake in SunPower Corp, making it one of the biggest moves into renewable energy markets by an oil & gas company.
RWE Npower Renewables The company is investing in research and development activities of marine technologies through its own fund, Npower Juice. Otherwise, RWE is active in the wind sector. It has no activities in solar energy.
Technology Companies
Siemens Siemens Energy has made a number of investments in companies developing new technologies that are a strategic fit for Siemens. For instance, Siemens is a key corporate investor in Marine Current Turbines.


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