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Equity from financial investors

Financial investors that invest in renewable energy projects include venture capital funds, private equity funds, institutional investors and hedge funds.

Venture Capital Funds: Providing seed capital for technology ventures. Only few exclusively focus on cleantech.
Amadeus Capital Less than a 10th of companies owned by Amadeus, are in the cleantech sector. As one of the world's most well-known vc firms, Amadeus can participate in investment stages.
  • Plastic Logic - batteries
  • PowerID - electronic reader that does not use glass
Bridges Ventures Growth investor with a regional focus on the UK. Cleantech is not the main focus.
  • Ardenham Energy specialises in renewable energy installations, focusing on solar photovoltaic (PV) integration and also the installation of heat pumps in the UK.
Venture Capital Funds set up by Corporations that operate in Cleantech
Advanced Technology Ventures Based in Palo Alto, ATV focuses on early-stage companies in IT, healthcare and Cleantech. Cleantech portfolio includes
Siemens Ventures Provide funding for start-ups as well as expansion. Energy is one of four sectors - in line with Siemens' main businesses. Focus on Smart Grid Technology Companies: BPL Global, Power IT Solutions, SmartSynch but others too.
Private Equity Cleantech Funds
Kleiner Perkins Raised a $500 million fund for financing later-stage energy ventures looking to commercialize their technology.
Institutional Investors / Hedge Funds: Investors that have no particular affiliation with the clean-tech sector. Institutional investors tend to invest in infrastructure projects with reliable cash flows (for instance from feed-in tariffs).
Initial Public Offering (IPO): The list of cleantech companies heading for public stock markets is increasing. According to the Cleantech Group, 29 IPOs have occurred globally during 2009.
  • Solyndra: Manufacturer of cylindrically shaped solar panels for flat roofs, based in USA. $300m IPO in December 2009. Filed for bankruptcy in 2011.
  • Codexis: Biofuel technology - $100m IPO in December 2009
  • A123 Systems: Nanotechnology to be used in batteries in transport. - $400m IPO in September 2009

2010 has seen much more activity in the IPO market, for instance;

  • Goldwind: China's second-largest wind turbine manufacturer raised $917m on the Hong Kong stock market in October 2010
  • Enel Green: Selling 32.5% stake of its "green" arm, partially state-owned power utility company Enel raised €2.6bn, instead of the targeted €3.4bn



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