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Debt Providers in Clean Energy

Companies or projects can be partially financed with debt, provided the debt can be secured against a strong balance sheet or highly ceertain future cash flows - for instance from a power purchase agreeement with a highly credible off-taker.

Here are a few examples.

Senior debt from commercial banks
HSH Nordbank HSH Nordbank has been involved in renewable energy projects across the European Union. In solar, it has financed Germany's largest solar park network in Meuro & Schipkau (70MW , €145m, 150ha) - as of 2011.
Development banks
EIB The European Investment Bank provides debt or guarantees to projects in and outside the European Union to fund sustainable development.
Bond Issues
Bond issues are relatively rare in clean energy, because the sums involved are not large enough to make it worthwhile.
Goldwind In 2011, Goldwind issued $782m bond to finance its expansion


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